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In business since 1986!

One of the most important elements of your car

Your transmission is one of the most important components of your vehicle and if it doesn't work, you're not going to get far. Bring your car to us at the first sign of transmission trouble to diagnose the problem, find the solution, and help avoid costly repairs down the line. If it doesn't seem to be working at all, we'll do a thorough check in order to decide whether it needs to be rebuilt or repaired.

Professional transmission work

•  Standard and automatic transmissions

•  Transfer case repairs or replacements

•  Clutch replacements

•  Flywheel replacements or resurfacing

•  Differential repairs

•  Drive shaft and U-joint repairs

•  Electronic overdrive and computerized repairs

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We offer custom rebuilding work!

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Let us work on the FWD, RWD, and 4WD vehicles. We also repair and replace CV joints and drive shafts on front wheel drive vehicles.

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